Thursday, 16 February 2012

YoyoFactory StarBrite

YoyoFactory StarBrite:


The Yoyo Factory StarBrite is definitely a yo-yo that will make you stand out from a crowd! Specially from the YoyoFactory Neon collection, the Starbrite borrows the its shape from the very popular Protostar.


Diameter: 55.95 mm

Width: 43 mm

Weight: 58.30 g

Response System: YoyoFactory Pad

Bearing Size: Size C

I bought two of these yoyo's. One Green and one orange. As I took it out of the box, and put on the multicolored string, I quickly felt the perfect plastic feel of the yoyo and its elegant shape fit perfectly into my hand. The bright appearance of the yo-yo is great if you want to get seen, and certaintly looks the part. At an extremely cheap price of £15/$15.99, it's play is good enough for beginners, intermediate, and all the way to contest play! It can handle 1A, 3A and 5A and has a string gap perfect for fast play which is supported by the fact that it is very light and in comparrison to the ProtoStar it is almost 10g lighter!

When thrown:

It plays fast, smooth and is a lot of fun. With its wide gap, it can handle many bearings wraps and techinical play with out running out of spin.

On first throw, as it played fast and easy, I quickly came to love the yoyo.


So out of ten (Maximun 2 per section/ exception of overall)?

Play: 2/2 - It manages hard and difficult tricks, plays fast and smooth,and manages to spin even for the longest of combos.

Appearance: 2/2 - It comes from the neon collection, so it is made to look good. With a clear outer body and a neon inner body, it looks the part.

Shape and specifications: 1/2 - The shape is ace. It allows for fast and play and manages to glide allong the string. Although I like the fact that it is light, it could probably be a little bit smoohter if it weighed a bit more.

Overall: 4/4 It is a great, yoyo. Affordable. Well shaped for play. Looks great. Plays fast. and only has the problem, of being too light. Although it is very light it plays fast and I certainly enjoy using this yo-yo and I am sure it will hold its place in my collection.


So it scores an amazing 9 out of 10!

Expect a sample video of this throw!